Evan Schiller Calendars

Calendars can be ordered with a corporate imprint and logo.

For more information Please call (203) 222-8612 or email email@golfshots.com

Calendars will ship mid November 2020


To order calendars without imprint or logo:

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Testimonials -


"Before Evan Schiller ever became a world-class photographer, he was a world-class golfer, and it is clearly displayed in his photography work. He knows how to capture what we want to remember from our golf experiences. I have been enjoying Evan’s Golfshots calendars for years now. I have one in my office, one at home and I give the calendars away to friends, family and business associates during the holidays. It has become a rewarding tradition. The calendars are so well loved, it would greatly disappoint many if I ever stopped gifting them. Each month it is literally difficult to turn the page and leave behind a wonderful photo, but I am always awed by the breathtaking golf scape of the new month. Evan’s Golfshots calendar is the most elegant and sophisticated golf calendar on the market, I proudly give Evan and his work my highest recommendation."


- Aaron R. Stewart, MBA, PhD



"The Golfshots Calendar presents itself so nicely that it's a wonderful gift for my real estate clients, whether they are golfers or not. One recipient went so far as to say it was the nicest business gift he had ever received and another loved it so much that she went on to order calendars for everyone in her golf league!"


- Barbara Karis Downey

Barbara Karis Downey Real Estate


"The feedback on the calendar goes beyond the usual praise for the visual graphics and focuses on “How did he get the angle for that shot?” We have had numerous clients tell us that the calendar has spurred them on to try many of the highlighted courses from Canada to South Africa to Ireland during their trips abroad and each new issue is looked forward to across our financial services clientele. It has become a terrific marketing tool for us in terms of branding our logo and enhancing name recognition."


- David Rondeau

Southport Harbor Associates


"I have been in the marketing business my entire life and know a good product when I see it. Evan Schiller's photography and calendar design is masterful and his choice of courses, always a delight. My investors have been enjoying the Golfshots Calendar for years. Giving the calendar is a win/win - it's a great way for Perkins Fund Marketing to keep our name in front of investors all year long and the clients really appreciate the value and quality of the gift."


- Chip Perkins

Perkins Fund Marketing


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